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Falls Church, VA 22046

Information on assistive technology and adaptive equipment


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Monday 8:30 AM  -  5:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM  -  5:30 PM
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Services Offered

Information and Referral, Assistive Technology, Disability & Rehabilitation, Caregiver Resources

Counties Served

Erie, Fulton, Henry, Lucas, Ottawa, Paulding, Sandusky, Williams, Wood, Defiance

AdleData is an online database that provides free objective information on over 40,000 assistive technology products. For each product, AbleData provides a detailed description of the product's functions and features, price information (when available) and contact information for the product's manufacturer and/or distributors. While AbleData does not sell products, you can find out what is available and where to buy it through their online database.