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Coronavirus Vaccine Information

Vaccine Information

Vaccines will be distributed to older Ohioans starting with the oldest Ohioans (age 80 and older), who are also among those at highest risk for complications from the virus. Vaccines will be available to these individuals starting the week of Jan. 19, 2021. Each week after that, the minimum age for vaccinations will drop five years until all Ohioans age 65 have access. Vaccines for older Ohioans will be given by physicians, local health departments, hospitals, federally-qualified health centers, in-home health service providers, and some retail pharmacies. How and where to get vaccinated will vary depending on where you live. A provider search will be available at coronavirus.ohio.gov on Thursday, Jan. 14, allowing Ohioans to search by county, ZIP code, and category to find a provider in their area to administer the vaccine.