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Seniors & Opioids...What You Need To Know!

October 12, 2020
7:00 PM

The Area Office on Aging, the Lucas County Sheriff and Bowling Green State University are blazing a trail to reduce opioid addiction among older adults. Statistics indicate that there’s a new face to opioid addiction … and it’s older. In developing a local strategy to reduce opioid addiction among older adults, these three organizations have become the first partnership of its kind in the nation.

Throughout 2018 and continuing on into 2019, with funding from the Area Office on Aging, Bowling Green State University has conducted educational trainings for over 1,000 people on red flags to look out for that may indicate an older adult is struggling with opioid addiction, how to initiate a conversation with the older adult about this and resources that are available to help them. In March 2019, this partnership has also resulted in the Area Office on Aging hiring a Sheriff's Drug Abuse Response Team (DART) Officer. The DART Officer's goal is to inform older adults on prescription misuse, addiction, and fatal overdoses.

Opioids are prescribed to seniors more than any other age group. It is possible to reduce the impact that opioids have on the senior community.

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