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Kinship Navigator Program - Evidence-Based Child Traumatic Stress Workshop (Session 3 of 3)

September 29, 2023
9:30 AM - 2:00 PM

This program is for kinship caregivers including grandparents and family relatives raising children when the biological parents are unable or unwilling to do so. This workshop is for kinship caregivers residing in Lucas County.


This evidence-based workshop is offered in partnership with the Sophia Center.

Through this series, caregivers will learn about the impact of trauma on development and behavior of children in foster care and gain the following knowledge and skills:

• Respond appropriately to behavioral and emotional challenges of traumatized children

• Help traumatized children develop healthy attachments

• Help traumatized children recognize and develop their strengths

• Help traumatized children develop coping strategies

• Take care of themselves and seek support from others

Participants who successfully participate in all 3 sessions of this workshop will earn a $50 gift card upon completion. Gift card to be provided by the Sophia Center.

Location: In-Person (TBA)

Register: Please contact the Kinship Navigator Program at (419) 382-0624, scan the QR code in the above flyer, or email kinshipmailgroup@areaofficeonaging.com.