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Undressed: the Sociohistory of Tattooing in the West

April 16, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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https://lourdes.zoom.us/j/85916491742 Meeting ID: 859 1649 1742

Tattoos are omnipresent in the visual vocabulary of Americans. Coupled with the increased use of social media, tattoos are increasingly common on younger bodies. This talk discusses the origin of contemporary Western tattoos, how tattoos have been socially understood in history, why the perceptions have changed and what tattoos have to do with the social sciences.

Sam Belkin is a Northeast Ohio native who has taught in the departments of Sociology, Anthropology and SAGES at Case Western Reserve University. Utilizing his anthropological and sociological training, his research focuses on the interdisciplinary connections between symbolic anthropology and figurational sociology illustrated through body modifications. Sam’s most recent research project investigates tattoos, identity and stigma in the American white collar workplace.