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Military Life in Desert Storm

November 20, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Military Life in Desert Storm

If it was your job, how would you set up a 400 bed hospital from scratch? How would you handle that job if the hospital was in a war zone, as well as in a foreign country? Carolyn E. Nagy was a member of the team that tackled the complex task of designing a hospital and living accommodations for an Army unit as well as overseeing the hospital set up and staffing. As Assistant Chief Nurse during Operation Desert Storm, Ms. Nagy was responsible for the daily operation of this 400 bed hospital and clinic. She also experienced some of the cultural difficulties encountered by soldiers working in Saudi Arabia. Ms. Nagy will also share her experience as a female soldier during a time of conflict and relate it to past and present military issues.

Carolyn E. Nagy was commissioned in the Army Reserve in 1980. After being promoted to Major, she was responsible for unit readiness for deployment during Operation Desert Shield. As a registered nurse, Ms. Nagy practiced primarily at St. Vincent Medical Center then developed and lead the Practical Nurse Program at Stautzenberger College. Ms. Nagy has become actively involved in women veteran issues and is the Coordinator of the Women Veterans Initiative Toledo, Ohio. During leisure time she enjoys reading, travel, photography, sailing, and racket sports.